How to identify emergency resources to uplift your soul

"Ram Ram Hari Ram" began playing. My eyes slowly opened. The words "thank you for this beautiful day" vibrated in my heart, spreading up to my fingertips as I stretched my hands above my head. As I awakened and got of bed, I opened up the curtains to see clouds in the sky. I couldn't help but notice that like I felt less bright than usual. The grogginess from the night before lingered and I spotted it once I was fully awake. 

For many years I had the same routine every morning, which I counted on for hitting the reset button. That still holds true, however, there are times when I need to deviate slightly from the daily practices and call in emergency resources. My emergency resources on this day were the drum, the rattle and a few songs that I have a special connection with. 

I had a limited amount of time so I sat at my altar, took a few breaths and tuned in to identify what I needed most to clean out the fogginess. I spent the next 35 minutes singing, chanting and praying. When I got up, I felt complete. I was grateful, but didn't feel that "reset" feeling that I may have been attached to. Nevertheless, I bowed down, said thank you and went on with my day. As the day went on, things started flowing again. I started smiling more, feeling lighter and treating people with the upmost respect, naturally seeing the beauty in all. The shift had happened gradually but fully. 

All too often we don't trust the practices we do because there isn't an instant gratification. We may not feel better immediately or for days at a time. So we stop and are not able to heal as deeply as if we had done the practice with complete trust and with no expectation. Spirit always has a plan and if you live from the heart, you will move towards the light.