Hi, I'm Laura. I know what you are going through because I have gone through it as well. For years, I battled a debilitating eating disorder, never thinking that I would be able to to fully recover, until I did. Completely. I didn't just make a truce with the struggles I had with food and weight obsession, they became complete non-issue. 

It took me many years to find the peace and happiness that I was looking for, and it continues to deepen each and every day. I started walking on the path of freedom when I made up my mind that I wasn't going to listen to anyone who told me that I may always struggle with an eating disorder. I took matters into my own hands and traveled the world, looking for answers, finding only temporary resolutions.

This was the case until I started to meditate and practice Kundalini Yoga. I traveled to India and for the first time, didn't have a gym around the corner from me. It shook everything up. I started to heal. As the identity I had created as a person with an eating disorder crumbled away, I needed to recover my true self. To understand that who I was, was me. To learn how to love and accept myself, exactly as I am.

The more I chipped away at the stories I had created around who I was, the more life began opening up. I started to study with a master teacher and learn about sacred, spiritual traditions from around the world.

I've come to see that the more you accept life as it comes and deeply love who you are, everything else can fall into place, in a very beautiful way. I'm extraordinarily grateful to have made it through the darkness and into the light. My hope is that you will join me as well.